Restore Your Smile with Convenient Same-Day Crowns

For patients who require a dental crown to protect and strengthen a compromised tooth, or replace a missing tooth, we offer convenient same-day restorations at our Pensacola, FL, practice. At Taylor Dental, we know your time is valuable, which is why we have incorporated advanced CEREC technology into our treatment plans. This innovative system enables us to design a custom,  high quality crown, and precisely manufacture it in under one hour. To best serve our patients, Dr. Andrew Taylor and his team can also place same-day-crowns in a single office visit to immediately restore the function and beauty of your smile.

Same Day Crowns

What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a dental prosthetic that encapsulates the entire visible tooth structure, restoring the strength and structural integrity of a damaged tooth. We may place a dental crown after root canal therapy, or recommend an implant-supported crown in combination with a dental implant after tooth loss.

Design and Fabrication

Traditionally, at least two office visits were required for dental crown treatment. During the first visit, your dentist would take manual impressions, which would then be used to fabricate your dental crown at a laboratory over a period of two weeks. In the interim, patients would need to wear a temporary crown to assist with dental function. Now, thanks to CEREC technology, patients can enjoy a fully restored smile in a single visit, without the need for temporary restorations.

CEREC Technology

CEREC incorporates CAD/CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) technology, which enables us to take 3-D scans of your smile. As a result, you do not have to undergo traditional, manual impressions. These images can then be used to construct your custom restoration in-office. After creating a digital mold of your dental crown, your doctor can send the precise measurements and shade information to our on-site milling machine. This tool uses metal-free, durable materials to craft your crown in less than one hour. Once your restoration is finished, we can ensure proper fit and aesthetics before securing your crown in place. 

Our CEREC system uses metal-free, durable materials to craft your crown in less than one hour.

At our practice, we have an advanced CEREC system, which enables us to design and fabricate your custom restoration in a single visit.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

In addition to increased convenience and precision, there are several advantages of same-day dental crowns, including:

  • A restored tooth, that was previously damaged, cracked, or broken
  • Added strength for a weakened tooth
  • Protection of a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Tooth replacement in combination with a dental bridge
  • A more uniform appearance for a misshapen tooth
  • Reduced visibility of intrinsic tooth stains
  • Improved aesthetic appearance
  • Corrected misalignment
  • Restored form and function in conjunction with a dental implant

Patients can experience the multi-faceted benefits of dental crowns on the very same day of their treatment.

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At Taylor Dental, our team is committed to providing excellent care and high quality dental restorations, improving our patients confidence and quality of life. To learn more about our services or how you can experience the benefits of same-day crowns, call our office today at (850) 478-8005 or contact us online and schedule a consultation.

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